Be True to Who You Really Are – Inspirational Quotes #47

Today I want to share with you something that I first learned from my Guru… just be who you are. Well I had always heard this advice in many places. But It was my Guru who showed me what that really meant. Part of his mission was to re-educate people about the true nature of… Continue reading Be True to Who You Really Are – Inspirational Quotes #47

Your Gift to the World – Inspirational Quotes #39

This week’s quote is something that has always been close to my heart. And I think many people don’t really get this. These days, much of “self-help” and “spiritual” teachings put too much emphasis on trying to find your life purpose, your reason for being here, and how you can contribute to the world. Well… Continue reading Your Gift to the World – Inspirational Quotes #39

Follow Your Spirit – Inspirational Quotes #38

I think that, sadly, a lot of people have grown into the habit of ignoring the “call that excites their spirit”. You can call it Spirit, or Intuition, or God, or Nature. Whatever name you give it, it’s all the same. And it is frequently giving you messages. In the small things, as well as… Continue reading Follow Your Spirit – Inspirational Quotes #38

Inspirational Quotes #24: Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is much simpler that you probably realise! You don’t need to stress about trying to find it or know what it is for you. Just relax, and concentrate on living in line with your values. Channel your energy into the the things that you love. Follow the call of your spirit, and do whatever makes you feel alive and energised. If you do only that, your life purpose will find you, and you’ll suddenly realise that you are already living your life purpose.

Understanding Your Life Purpose

People often think of life purpose as some specific contribution or function they should have, such as teaching others, being a parent, or raising awareness about environmental issues. The truth is that these things, fantastic as they are, are simply different expressions of a more fundamental underlying life purpose, which is to realise your Divinity and bring to the world the light of your genuine true self.