Oscar Wilde Inspirational quote about life

Are You Alive? – Inspirational Quotes #41

Oscar Wilde Inspirational quote about life

May I ask you a question?

Are you living? Or are you merely existing?

I think too many people are stuck in the routine of trying to survive, trying to provide for their family, trying to pay the bills and the rent. They spend 90% of their time doing stuff they don’t really like, in order to be able to simply continue.

I know what it’s like. I’ve been there too.

Ok, the job security is important, especially when you have a family to maintain. But what kind of a life is it if you spend 6 days a week killing yourself in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, just so you can have one day a week free? And what use is that if on your free day you are too drained and exhausted to enjoy your free time?

To me, that is not living. That is going through life like a zombie.

You didn’t come to this Earth just to pay bills. You are here to make a contribution. To make a difference in the lives of those around you. To help, to serve, and to inspire.

Zombies don’t inspire!

Only when you are fulfilled by what you do, able to express your creativity, engaged in something that gives you meaning, then you will be truly living. That is when you will be living your life purpose… contributing, serving, and inspiring others.

What is it that needs to change in your life to get you on the path towards achieving that?






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