Rumi Inspiration Quotes

Follow Your Spirit – Inspirational Quotes #38

Rumi Inspiration Quotes

I think that, sadly, a lot of people have grown into the habit of ignoring the “call that excites their spirit”.

You can call it Spirit, or Intuition, or God, or Nature. Whatever name you give it, it’s all the same. And it is frequently giving you messages. In the small things, as well as the big things in life.

You can know it is calling to you when you feel excited, enthusiastic, and inspired. Listen for that, and don’t dismiss those feelings as fanciful day-dreaming. Those “calls” from your Spirit are guiding you. They guide you in making simple day-to-day choices. And they guide you in making bigger life-decisions.

At first it can be difficult to trust it, because you may think it is leading you away from practical things. Of course we often have to do things we don’t like in order to move forward, and we may think that following our spirit may be wonderful but won’t earn the money, or feed the kids, or pay the rent!

But trust it!

Go slowly with your Spirit. Little by little. Don’t forget your present obligations, but start to follow your Spirit more and more.

Don’t ignore the call of your spirit. Ignoring it will only make you feel more unhappy.

Follow it every time you hear it. If you follow its call you can heal yourself. You can heal your life.  You can overcome blocks, and depression. You will blossom in the present moment. You can find your path.The call of your Spirit will lead you, one small step at a time, into your life’s true purpose. It will make you feel alive and radiant to shine your unique special light in this world.


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