Inspirational Quotes about Guilt

Don’t Let Guilt Block You From Your Divinity – Inspirational Quotes #48

Inspirational Quotes about Guilt

Guilt can either hold you back from growing, or it can show you what needs to shift in your life.

Everyone experiences guilt (well, normal people, at least). The way you handle it will determine your sense of well-being. Do you let guilt paralyse you and cripple your personal growth? Or do you use it as an indication to know what you need to let go of?

Feeling guilty about something creates a barrier between you and your inner Divine Self. It blocks you from being able to express your creative gifts fully.

We can sometimes feel guilty as a result of out-dated beliefs which we inherited from our parents, or from religious and social conditioning. But the truth is that the Divine does not judge us for the mistakes we’ve made. The Divine knows all your secrets. She knows you better than you know yourself. And She understands perfectly how difficult it is to be a human, as we try to deal with life. She is full of compassion, understanding, and love to accept you as you are… even with all your guilty secrets!

So there is no need to hold on to guilt of any sort. The only benefit it serves is to show you where you need to accept and love yourself more. Then you should just let go of it.

But I know from personal experience that it is not easy to let go of guilt. You need some practical strategies to process the guilt and finally release it.

In one of my podcast episodes I share a personal story about some guilt I was holding onto, and how I was able to release it.



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