Inspirational Quote - Sacred Space - Meditation

Honour Your Own Sacred Space – Inspirational Quotes #49

Inspirational Quote - Sacred Space - Meditation

To be effective in anything in life you need to have a secure foundation within yourself.

It is from your centre of balance and peace that you can bring about transformation of yourself and your life circumstances. Without that solid base you can end up floundering and struggling.

By creating a Sacred Space for yourself you honour yourself and the Divinity that is within you.

A Sacred Space can be a physical location in your home, such as a room or a shelf that you can turn into a shrine. Or it could be a special place outside in nature where you can go regularly and be by yourself for some moments. You can set up your Sacred Space in your own personal way… let it be a an expression of your unique creative spirit.

When you treat your Sacred Space with reverence and devotion you establish a very strong focus of energy in that physical location. When you nurture your Sacred Space and go to it regularly, the energy gradually increases. Then when you go to spend some silent moments there you will feel a sort of “presence” that can uplift you and recharge your batteries.

A Sacred Space can help you to deepen your spiritual connection, and give you the self-confidence to overcome your limitations and face the challenges of life.

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