Today is Beautiful, Inspirational Quote

Today is Beautiful – Inspirational Quotes #42

Today is Beautiful, Inspirational Quote

Beauty, peace, and harmony are always present.

It is only our mind, our perspective, which prevents us from seeing it.

Your world is full of amazing things. Miracles are constantly happening around you in your everyday life.

When you stop, breathe, and listen, you can see that the world is always in harmony. Even the things that you may think are “negative”, such as sadness, suffering, aggression, or hate, are all in harmony with the flow of life. It may not always be pleasant, or easy, but life is unfolding exactly as it should. Nothing happens that shouldn’t happen. Nothing exists that should not exist. All is moving as the Universe intends it to move, perfectly in rhythm.

As humans we have a choice.

We can resist the natural flow of life, and try to control or force things to be how we think they should. We can be like a victim, suffering and complaining.

Or we can go with the flow. We can choose to accept things, and learn from everything that happens. From the decisions we make, or from things out of our control, we can choose to see all as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.

Take a moment to look around you and consider how amazing everything is! See how intelligent Nature is. See how the heart beat of the Universe sustains all of life.

Reflect on how you as a person have grown and learnt so much. And that everything, both positive and negative, is beautiful because it is helping you to become each day a more amazing expression of unique creativity.






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