Meditation, stress, and inner peace

Meditation and Spiritual Practice is More Important Than You Think – Inspirational Quotes #37

Meditation, stress, and inner peace

It doesn’t have to be meditation.

It can be any practice that helps you to connect with your spiritual Self.


If you are serious about living a more spiritual life, then this should be one of your top priorities.


If you are not doing something everyday to nurture your spiritual connection then you are only making a half-hearted effort. It is only when you push yourself consistently each day, that you will experience the bliss and peace of inner joy.


But don’t worry if you haven’t been doing your spiritual practice every single day.


I know from a lifetime of practice that on the spiritual path there are days when you don’t want to bother with it all!

It is part of the process. The journey is like that. We regularly fall of the tracks. But don’t stress about it. Just calmly bring yourself back on track.

You are like a piece of coal that keeps falling out of the fire. You have to regularly kick it back into the fire. Each time it falls out, just push it back in again. That is how the spiritual path is. Then one day the coal will suddenly ignite in bright flames.


But your spirit will never blossom if you don’t make time for it.


So if you feel like you don’t have time to do your spiritual practice, or your life is too hectic and complicated to spend 10 or 20 minutes a day, that means you need it even more than you think.

Most people aren’t stressed because of lack of time, or because their life is difficult. It’s usually the other way round. They don’t have time because they are stressed.


Stress is not the result of your hectic life… your life seems hectic because you are stressed.


If you sometimes feel like that, then that’s an indication that you really need more than ever before to stop and connect with your spiritual Self.

It doesn’t really need to be 20 minutes. It doesn’t even need to be 10 minutes. Just spending 5 minutes sitting and being in the present moment can help to awaken your inner connection.

If you do that every day, you will feel less stressed. You will have more time. You will be more focused and productive. Your life will be less hectic, and you will have more fulfilment.






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