Karma Pema Chodron Quotes

Let Go by Learning the Lesson of Karma – Inspirational Quotes #54

Karma Pema Chodron Quotes

It’s not easy to let go.

Painful memories, toxic relationships, harmful choices, feelings of guilt… it takes a lot of courage and deep inner shifts to really let go of that kind of stuff.

And often, just when we think we’ve got it out of our system, it comes back around in a different form. We find ourselves in a relationship with similar patterns, or we suddenly feel some old anxiety spontaneously bubbling up.

The thing is, our experiences and situations in life are very much a reflection of our belief patterns. And sometimes those patterns are largely unconscious. Until we drag that shit up from the depths of our psyche and expose it to the light of our conscious intelligence, it will continue to fester.

These belief patterns are an expression of our karma… the consequence of the way we’ve been living our life, and feeding our attitudes.

In order to clear that karma we have to become conscious of it. That means we have to learn the lesson of whatever it is trying to teach us. Every experience we have, every situation we find ourself in, whether pleasant or unpleasant, has something to teach us. And until we learn the lesson, the pattern will repeat itself in our life again and again.

An enlightened person isn’t someone who lives a perfectly peaceful, karma-free life. A truly enlightened person is someone who lives consciously, taking the time to reflect and learn from everything.

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  1. begoña

    thank you beautiful Ananda!
    especially for clearing out what an enlightenend person is.

    1. Hey Begoña! You’re welcome! I’m happy you appreciated this one 🙂

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