Inspirational Quotes - Vivekananda: Problems on your path

Embrace Problems as Your Friend and Teacher – Inspiratinal Quotes #51

Inspirational Quotes - Vivekananda: Problems on your path

I hope you are having a tough day.

eh… what?

Yep, that’s what I said… I hope your day is going really difficult with lots of challenges and problems.

I bet not many people wish you a tough day!

The thing is if you are having an easy day, with no problems, then you are not learning or growing.

It is through difficulties and adversity that we truly learn about life and about our own nature. You discover just how strong you are to get through tough times. You discover that you have an inner strength and inner resources. You learn how to manage your emotions. You learn how to deal with difficult people. And you grow. With each difficult challenge you come out of it a better person.

From a more spiritual perspective, it is when you go through adversity that you pay off more karma. And as you clear and let go of that old karma you come closer to the Divinity that is within you. This is something I experienced a lot during my time in the monastery. Sometimes I would finish the day exhausted and almost in tears from how tough it had been. When that happened I would seek refuge in my personal spiritual practice and I would receive such amazing sweet grace. My inner Divinity would wrap me in Her love and bliss, as if to say “thank you for pushing yourself beyond your limits for me”.

So if you are having a tough day, then I am really happy for you. Remember, growth never happens in your comfort zone.

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