Be Strong and Follow Your Intuition – Inspirational Quotes #50

Steve Jobs Quotes- Follow Your Intuition

It’s really not so hard to know what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Deep down inside you know. You know what you should do. You know what you’d rather be doing with your life, your relationships, your career. The mind may try to intellectualise, analyse, and over-think the issue.

But you know. You know that you know.

The problem is not knowing what you need to do. The problem is having the courage to actually do it.

Much of the time our intuition is very clear, but involves taking some hard decisions. Maybe we are stuck in a toxic relationship, or in a job that we hate, or living in a place that depresses us. We know what we should do but it means taking a huge decision. We can get paralysed by the fear of uncertainty about the future. We can also be held back by some need that is being fulfilled in our present situation. It’s not bad to have such needs but maybe we are trying to meet those needs in ways which are unhealthy or destructive.

We have to trust in what our intuition is telling us. It may be guiding us towards a scary uncertain path. But our intuition will only ever do what is the very best for us in the long run. We cannot see the outcome, but our intuition somehow knows that we will be ok. In fact we will be more than ok. Having the courage to do what your intuition is telling you, will always lead to more inner peace.

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