Be Strong and Follow Your Intuition – Inspirational Quotes #50

It’s really not so hard to know what your intuition is trying to tell you. Deep down inside you know. You know what you should do. You know what you’d rather be doing with your life, your relationships, your career. The mind may try to intellectualise, analyse, and over-think the issue. But you know. You know… Continue reading Be Strong and Follow Your Intuition – Inspirational Quotes #50

Inspirational Quotes #20

What you do for a living is one of the biggest factors in determining whether or not you will be happy. Unfortunately, too many people resign themselves to a job they don’t like. They get stuck in the trap of thinking that they can sacrifice their happiness 90% of the time in order to earn enough money to be happy just 10% of the time. In reality they are just doing what they hate in order to be able to continue doing what they hate… which is crazy, isn’t it? You spend most of your life at work… if you want a more happy life, your work must be something you love.