Happiness, Inspiration, Inspirational Quote

Want to Find Happiness? Be True to Yourself – Inspirational Quotes #35

Happiness, Inspiration, Inspirational Quote

Unhappiness arises as a result of not being aligned with your authentic self.

If you started this week feeling unhappy or fed up, I would bet that it is almost certainly because there are things/people/situations in your life which are not in line with who you truly are. When you accept into your life those things which make you unhappy, you are not being true to yourself.

Fear, lack of courage, negative beliefs, a tendency to be a “people pleaser”… these are examples of the kind of patterns which prevent you from being your true authentic self. And the inner conflict can make you feel deeply unhappy.

So how do you be true to yourself?

Well it means listening to you intuition, and making choices and taking actions which reflect your highest values and at the same time fulfil your most important needs.

Your basic human needs are stronger than any values you may have. They will override even your most noble intentions. When you end up meeting your needs in ways which are out of line with your highest values you experience inner conflict and unhappiness.

When you understand what are your most important needs you can consciously try to meet them in ways which are constructive, not destructive. If you are also clear on your top values then you can make choices that will be in harmony with your true self.

The most powerful recipe for happiness is to be clear on three important aspects of your life: Your top values, your most important needs, and your spiritual connection.

When you have these three sorted, then you are set up for a happy life.

You can start right now, today. Try asking yourself…

  • What are my top 5 values?
  • Do the things/people/situations of my life reflect my top 5 values?
  • What are my most important 2 or 3 needs?
  • Are those needs conflicting with my values?
  • Does my spirituality allow me to integrate my values and my needs?

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