Applied Spirituality Tip #5







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  1. Panagiota

    This is so appropriate for me at this point in life. I preach to my clients all the time about “letting go.” For some reason, it has a whole new meaning for me now.

    1. Hey Panagiota! That’s awesome that this resonates with you right now! I’d love to know in what way “letting go” is having a new meaning for you? And how does it help your clients?

      1. Panagiota

        Well, I created and facilitated a forgiveness group for the past at a facility. I thought I knew how to let go and I advised my clients the importance of letting go and how everything is a learning experience… A lesson in life. I have gone through many hardships in life that to many would be unimaginable to forgive. .. but I did. Or so I thought. What I hadn’t realized until now is that the one person I haven’t forgiven is myself. And all this while I have been punishing myself by staying in a very unhealthy situation.

        I’ve tried leaving this situation many many times only to end up there again… This was the one thing I just couldn’t “let go” of. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t let him go. I realize now it’s because I didn’t believe that I deserved a second chance in life…I didn’t believe a new life was waiting for me.

        This weekend I made some vary scary but necessary changes and I can already see the benefits of letting go. Of freeing myself from myself.

        How will this help my clients? It will increase my insight when working with them and guiding them on their journey of setting themselves free.

        1. That’s quite s story! It’s very inspiring to hear how you’ve had the courage to make those scary changes and finally triumphed over the negativity of the situation! And I love how the lessons you’ve learned will benefit the lives of your clients too.

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