Applied Spirituality Tip #6

Don’t just believe in God. Experience God! The Divine is real and it wants you to experience it… but you won’t experience it if your prayers and affirmations are just words. You have to give your prayers real energy and power. You have to show the Divine that you are desperate and serious about experiencing its grace. Start today… cry out to the Divine with all your heart’s desire that you want to experience it and know the reality of spiritual consciousness.

Applied Spirituality Tip #5

The past is finished and beyond recovery. The future hasn’t happened yet. Neither of them exist in reality. Live in the present. Trust and let go of the things that are blocking your freedom to be yourself.

Applied Spirituality Tip #4

True abundance is not about how much money or material possessions you have. It’s about being grateful for all the simple things you have in your life… another day being alive, friends, family, health, being able to hear the birds, love. When you realise how fortunate you are to have these things then you are truly wealthy.