On Being a Good Coach

“How can you remove the speck of dust from another person’s eye without first removing the wooden log from your own eye?”

This very down-to-earth and practical teaching from Christ has enormous relevance to the coaching profession. How true it is that in order to be able to help another your own life must be based on a rock solid foundation from which you can tap into and utilise that source of infinite strength and power that resides within the depths of your being.

A good coach should be coachable, and should always be working on their own personal development . The ICA (International Coach Academy)  environment really encourages and even accelerates this process of self-contemplation and transformation. The frequent asking of amazing questions by your peer coach, the teleclass leaders, and yourself serves to keep you reassessing your perspectives, and doesn’t allow you that luxury of hiding in your limited comfort zone where thoughts and perspectives can eventually stagnate.

Instead we are challenged to become more confident and skilled in accessing our own inner wisdom. We are encouraged and guided to utilise this incredible resource in helping others to discover their own inner strength. It is from this internal point of knowledge and being, I believe, that we as coaches can draw forth the power and guidance that is latent within everyone which can enable a person to become who s/he truly is.






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