Intuition: The best advice you will ever get


“I have a difficult life decision to make and I don’t know what to do!”

How often have you said something like that to yourself?  Quite a few times I bet, right?  I for one frequently find myself in that situation.  In those moments don’t you just wish that someone totally trustworthy and infallible would come along and tell you what to do?

Well here’s the scoop: There is someone, or rather something, to do that for you every time!  It’s called your intuition.

It’s also called Spirit, God, Inner Self, Soul, Gut Feeling, Sixth Sense, Nature, The Universe… in fact there are probably as many names for it as there are individuals in the world.  You can call it whatever you like.

But the fact is it’s real, it’s inside you, and you can be guided by it whenever you want.

Get the most accurate and sincere advice you could ever find

Nobody knows you better than you.

Your Intuition is you at a really deep level, unbiased and unaffected by cultural or social conditioning.  It can offer you pure unadulterated advice on what is best for you.  It knows you inside out, and it knows what you need.  It doesn’t compromise in order to protect you from painful truths.  It doesn’t pull wool down over your eyes.  It doesn’t tell you only the things that you want to hear.  Intuition has no ego to be bruised.  it has no emotional involvement with you.  It will be completely straight with you.  It can, and will, fearlessly tell you the things exactly as they are.

How many of your friends will do that for you?  Even the best friend in the world won’t be able to be so unbiased and stark with the truth.

Following Intuition’s advice isn’t always easy, but sometimes the things you want to hear aren’t always the best for you in the long run.  Trusting to Intuition’s wisdom will always lead you closer to your most authentic self, and put you on the path towards greater harmony with your inner spirit.

Intuition moves in mysterious ways

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something?  Most likely that feeling turned out to be right.

That’s Intuition working with you.

It gives its signals in different ways for different people, but usually it’s connected with physiological feelings.  The hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.  A blocked sensation in your solar plexus indicating a whopping great big “No!  Don’t do it!”  A constricted feeling in the chest telling you “no”, or conversely a feeling of ease and release in the chest to indicate that something is a good choice.

Intuition can also work in the back of your mind without the associated physiological feelings.  Sometimes you just “know” without any logical explanation.

I would imagine that you have probably had these or similar experiences at some time or another, right?  Did you follow through on what that sensation was trying to tell you?  Or did you ignore it because of what other people wanted you to do, and subsequently find yourself in more difficulties?

Everyone has Intuition, and everyone can learn to feel it and trust it.  It takes practice to recognise the signals and a bit of trial and error is needed to learn Intuition’s language.

“But why does Intuition have to use such obscure ways of communicating?”  I hear you ask! “I don’t have time to learn another language! I just need someone to talk to me in plain English.”

Well here’s a secret that not so many people know… Intuition speaks English!

And… well… your own language too if that’s something other than English.

Conversations with God… converse with Intuition as you would with another person

Having a simple, direct conversation with Intuition happens when you are centered deep within yourself.  The experience is like when you are talking to a close friend.  You articulate phrases and questions in your mind, and Intuition talks back.

“But how do you know that’s Intuition talking?”  I hear you interject again. “It could just be your mind telling you whatever:”

You know when it’s Intuition speaking and not your paranoid, insecure mind, because of several factors.

When the conditions are right there is no doubt that it is Intuition speaking

For this conversation to take place you have to first be seated still in someplace quiet.  You have to be focusing your mind within.  You have to forget all your worries and distractions of the day, letting go of fears, paranoias, and doubts.  You have to open yourself to trusting your inner spirit, and accepting its loving embrace.  You have to be established in a very intimate communion with yourself.

Use your spiritual practice, whatever that may be, to go to your point of communion with Intuition.  Following the steps, or ingredients, I described in my earlier post about alternatives to meditation, you will be able to dive in deep towards the heart of your being.  With each breath you are carried in closer and closer.  Gradually you let go of the awareness of your physical surroundings, and you feel that you body is made of light.

Then you know that you are face to face with Intuition.

All the barriers of your mind are gone.  There are no more limiting beliefs or fears to obscure the pure radiance of Intuition.  Now you are ready to start a conversation with Intuition.  Now you can bring to Her your questions and your concerns about what you need to do in life.  She is waiting to hear what you have to say and She gives her responses fast and sure.  As soon as you begin to articulate your question She is already answering it.  Her replies come so fast that the conversation flows rapidly at the speed of light.

The information She gives you is like a revelation.  It is awe-inspiring and not only reassures you, but also energises you.  Intuition clarifies your doubts and She releases you from the fear that was holding you back.  She sets you free with her wisdom and you feel the love that Intuition transmits as She speaks.  It is with that love that She wants the best for you.  She wants you to make the right choice for your soul, for your freedom, and ultimately for your happiness.

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