Wasting Time Inspiring Quotes

Wasting Time is Good for You! – Inspirational Quotes #55

Wasting Time Inspiring Quotes

How is your day going? Have you been wasting time?

I sincerely hope so.

Seriously, wasting time is too underrated these days!

In today’s modern society too much emphasis is placed on being productive, getting things done, achieving stuff. But this is a misleading attitude. The true value behind any intention to be “productive”, is in fact to be creative. Merely producing stuff doesn’t imply value… that can be any old crappy thing (which is what we sometimes do just to get our boss off our back, right?).

But being creative is to add real value to what we do. Finding new ways to do things, coming up with novel solutions to problems, producing original content, inspiring others with our ideas. Creativity is definitely more important than soulless productivity.

Being creative means you are expressing your unique gifts. And that can only happen when you relax and free up the blocks and inner conflicts.

And that is wear wasting time comes in. By doing fun things, stuff that you enjoy, which makes you feel alive, you are able to relax. And in so doing you release the barriers to your own unique expression. But it has to be time-wasting that makes you feel good… not something that drains your energy, like aimlessly browsing Facebook, for example.

So if you are losing inspiration, or feeling blocked, or just plain bored out of your mind, go and waste some time doing something you love. Then later you can come back with fresh energy.

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