Eckhart Tolle Quote - Live in the Present Moment

The Present is all you Ever Have – Inspirational Quotes #40

Eckhart Tolle Quote - Live in the Present Moment

One universal theme common to every kind of teaching from spiritual masters throughout history and all cultures, is to be in the present moment.

Spend time with any genuine spiritual teacher and you’ll see that they live fully in the “NOW”. This is true regardless of religion or spiritual tradition.


Of course not. The present moment is a gateway to your Divine Higher Self. Living fully in the present is the key to achieving true fulfilment at a soul level. The more you can stay in the present, the more you come closer to the joy and bliss of spiritual enlightenment.

However, it isn’t easy. The path to enlightenment isn’t meant to be easy.

The art of living in the present is something that requires practice and patience. But even the first steps you take towards living in the present will have so many benefits.

When you realise that the past and the future don’t exist, you immediately have less stress. Remember that the past is now only a memory, for you to learn from. The future is just a projection of your own imagination, useful for you to plan things, but it isn’t real. Both are illusions that can cause us stress and anxiety.

When you let go, and stop living in the past or the future, even for just a few minutes, you instantly feel happier, calmer, and more focused.

And that is just the beginner phase of practicing this skill. As you get better at living in the present you start to discover parts of yourself you never knew existed. Intuition that gives you access to information about people and situations. Energy that revitalises your body and mind. Healing of emotional wounds. And the indescribable peace that comes from Divine Grace when you become one with the source of life and power at the centre of your being.

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