Inspiration for starting your day in the morning

Start Your Day Well – Inspirational Quotes #33

Inspiration for starting your day in the morning

Have you noticed how important it is to start your day well?

Those first moments when you wake up in the morning can determine whether or not you have a good day.

This may sound a bit too simple to be true but I promise you it works! I have never ever had a bad day when I have started my day with the simple routine that makes me feel good. Conversely if I ever skipped my morning routine, or overslept and got up in a rush, then I rarely had a fantastic day.

After you wake up do something that makes you feel good. A little stretching, some yoga, going for a short walk, or a run with your dog, meditation, reading an inspiring passage with a cup of coffee. It can be anything simple.

Avoid going first to check your email or look at your phone. Your body needs a moment to rehydrate, stretch and wake up, which will also affect your mood and state of mind. It will then be so much easier to face the day’s challenges. You will be able to maintain that inner calm with which you started the morning. You will be far more productive, and have more harmonious interactions with others. Then at the end of the day you will feel more peace to be able to sleep well.

Master the the first half hour of your day and you will master the rest of the day.

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  1. pintoo

    I enjoy my daily life because of you.I enjoy to read ur inspiration thank you very very much.
    I greatfull to you.😁

    1. You’re welcome Pintoo! Thank you for your nice comment… I’m glad you are enjoying these inspirational quotes.

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