Inner harmony and life balance - inspirational quotes

Inner Harmony Comes From Life Balance – Inspirational Quotes #56

Inner harmony and life balance - inspirational quotes

To have inner harmony doesn’t necessarily mean that your outer life is harmonious. Most of the time the external events of our life are things we cannot control. But we can achieve a certain degree of life balance in the way we choose to live. And balance is what leads to that sensation of inner harmony.

Balance is all about alertness and continuous adjustments. If you watch a tightrope walker you will see that they are very concentrated, and they are always adjusting their weight. If they start to lean too much to oneside, they will counter it by shifting their weight to the opposite side.

Similarly in life we can maintain balance by being alert and aware of our situation. If we feel that something is going off track, or a particular thing is not good for us, then we have the power to make an adjustment in the opposite direction.

It is a continuous effort, but by staying alert and mindful we can maintain more life balance. And that leads to a feeling of inner harmony.

What are some areas of your life that you are maintaining a balance? Is there some aspect of your life where you know that you are out of balance? What adjustments can you make to get that balance back?

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