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Don’t Give Up – Inspirational Quotes #44

Inspirational Quotes Motivation

The calm always follows the storm.

Any kind of change, transformation, or creation needs first to go through a period of struggle. That seems to be the way nature works. The results we hope for don’t just fall easily into our lap. We have to work hard to achieve it. We have to struggle against challenges, against the beliefs of others, and ourselves. Even after the initial excitement disappears we have to continue to motivate and apply ourselves, consistently.

Sometimes it can be too much when we focus only on the final goal. It can seem too far away, or too ambitious, and impossible to reach.

Concentrate on one small step each day. That is consistency. And consistency will lead you to success. One day you will look up and suddenly see that you are on the mountain top.

So if you are losing your will to battle on, don’t give up. You have more strength waiting inside you. This period of difficulty is temporary… it will pass. The pains of childbirth are an indication that a miracle is about to happen.

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