Nature - Inspirational Quotes

Don’t Forget Your Connection with Nature – Inspirational Quotes #53

Nature - Inspirational Quotes

Today I have a very simple message for you.

Please… don’t forget your connection with Nature.

I think one of the saddest things about modern society, is that it is too easy to become disconnected from Nature. Many of us live in a concrete jungle. Add to that our hectic and stressful life, with work pressures, financial worries, and family responsabilities. Very often we are not even aware of Nature.

And when that happens, it’s a serious situation. Nature is absolutely vital for our well-being. There is an energy in Nature that cannot be found anywhere else. That energy breathes life into us. We come from Mother Earth. Nature is not something to be thought of as serperate from us, or merely a beautiful place to visit from time to time. We are part of Nature. And Nature is our home. When we seperate ourselves from it, we gradually become more and more unhappy, discontent, and generally dysfunctional.

If you are feeling stressed, down, or lacking of energy, it’s 99% likely that you just need a boost from Mother Nature. Then you just need to get outside and connect. Even in the city you can do that. Cities have birds, trees, and usually water in some form or another. Even just feeling the wind on your face can bring you back to your true home. Remember the elements… Earth, WInd, Fire, Water. They are the basic components of the Divine as She manifests in the Universe. Look for those elements. Connect with them. Feel them. And let yourself be recharged from Nature.

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