Eckhart Tolle quotes - presence of God

Become the Presence of God – Inspirational Quotes #43

Eckhart Tolle quotes - presence of God

To experience the peace and stillness of spiritual consciousness is actually incredibly simple.

It is only our mind and thoughts that prevent us from being the full potential of our Divinity. As we have grown up we have been conditioned with many belief patterns and thinking habits. We have learned to identify our sense of self with this bundle of memories, thoughts, and attitudes we call personality. This conditioning has resulted in a false sense of who we think we are.

It is only with an unconditioned awareness that you are able to know your true Self. Not the limited, flawed, and quirky person that has a family and a history. The real you is the conscious awareness beyond your thoughts.

But how to let go of a life-time of conditioning from family, society, and culture?

It is so deeply ingrained in us that it seems impossible to just switch all that off.

Well here’s the good news… it is actually very simple, and with a little regular practice you can learn to rise above the false identity of your conditioned mind. You can learn to slip into that unconditioned state of stillness, peace, and bliss whenever you want.

All it requires is for you to be fully in the present moment. In a state of alert awareness of the present, without using your mind to comment or label things. Just simple observation without interpreting.

One simple way to do this is to start with becoming aware of your hands. What are they doing? What are they feeling? Then extend that awareness to the rest of your body. Then further to the room and your surroundings. Resist the urge to mentally talk to yourself. Don’t comment or label with your mind. If thoughts arise, just release them gently and return to awareness of your hands and surroundings.

As you manage more than a few seconds of this heightened alertness, you can mentally step back behind your awareness. Find out who, or what, is perceiving the world. Who is the awareness that is looking out through your eyes? Who is the awareness that is registering the sounds and sensations from your body?

To read more about this and other techniques for learning how to live in the present moment check out this post: Live in the Present Moment – 8 Tips forBeing Here and Now.

In the present moment Now, there is no conditioned personality. There is no history of your identity. There is no conditioned past to confuse you and screw up your life. There are no quirky beliefs or limiting attitudes. There is only Now. There is only your awareness of the present moment, Now.

This is the unconditioned consciousness of Divine Presence.


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