Inspiration, quote

Nothing Can Touch You: Inspirational Quotes #31

Inspiration, quote

As you start another week I just wanted to remind you that you are strong and powerful… more than you probably realise!

The negativity of other people and life events only affects you if you allow it to.

Remember who you truly are. Connect with your inner power, the peace and stillness that is at the centre of your being. That stillness cannot be affected by anything. Nothing can touch you when you remember that is who you are.

You are the infinite Self… unchanging, unaffected, and undying.

As it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, your true essence is like the lotus flower… rain water does not stay on it, the drops roll off and the flower remains perfectly dry.

In contrast to that beautiful metaphor I have a slightly less romantic quote to share with you today. It may be a little crass but I think it conveys perfectly that spirit of strength and poise that you can have if you just stop for a moment and breathe.


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