Eckhart Tolle Quote

Inspirational Quotes #21

Eckhart Tolle Quote

Life is messy.

Things rarely go according to plan.

We may try our hardest to have a good day, achieving the things we want, and creating the relationships that make us feel happy. But in spite of our best efforts things don’t always turn out how we hoped.

And the harder we try to control or influence, things, events, and people, the more stress we create for ourself. Because we cannot control things that are external to us. The only real control we have is within us. We can learn to control how we react and respond. We can control our own perspective of how we see and interpret things that happen to us. That is where we have the power to create a more harmonious life, and reduce stress.

Change must come from within. Only when we find peace within ourselves can we experience peace in the things and people around us.

Start now, if you haven’t already, to go within and find the stillness inside you. If you’re not sure how to do that, just stop for a moment and focus on your breathing. Even for just a few breaths you can start to feel some inner peace. Do that frequently and you’ll start to experience the world around you in a much more positive way.

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