Inner Peace is the Foundation for Everything – Inspirational Quotes #17


Inner peace means different things to different people. For me, it’s about being connected with my spiritual path, honouring my highest values, and doing the things that I love.

However you interpret this concept, it is undeniable that when you have a certain degree of inner peace, everything else in life is soooo much easier to cope with.

I don’t think that means that your life should always be sunshine and rainbows. It’s impossible for everything to be perfect all the time, to be always in a great mood, to be always happy. That’s just not reality. But having inner peace means that deep down inside, you are content, even in spite of the ups and downs of life. And going through life with inner peace as your foundation certainly reduces friction and suffering.

What does inner peace mean for you?

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One response to “Inner Peace is the Foundation for Everything – Inspirational Quotes #17”

  1. This is so true – great quote! While my inner self isn’t completely at peace, my relationship settled down once i began to find peace in myself!!

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