There Are No Mistakes – Inspirational Quotes #57

yin yang balance, there are no mistakes

This morning I saw an interesting image about the Yin-Yang symbol which made me think.

Maybe, like me, you’ve made some choices that you felt were wrong decisions. I’ve sometimes found myself in situations in life, relationships, places, where I was really unhappy. In those moments I sometimes wondered how could I have made such a terrible choice and end up suffering because of it.

But now I understand that even those horrible moments in life were the correct decision. The thing is every experience is teaching us what we need to learn in that particular moment. There really are no mistakes. We maybe taking some unpleasant detours but we are still going in the right direction.

You are learning what you need to learn, in order to go where you need to go. You are where you are because that’s where you need to be right now.






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