Take Nothing Personally – Inspirational Quotes #46

Take Nothing Personally - Inspirational Quotes

When we feel hurt or offended because of what someone said or did to us, we are taking it personally.

In those moments it is our ego which is hurt. When we say things along the lines of “Why did he do that to me?”, it is the “me” of ego that feels as though it has been treated unfairly.

But if you are able to stop and breathe and remember the presence of awareness, you’ll realise that whatever was said or done actually has nothing to do with you. The person whom you were hurt by is merely behaving like that because that is their present level of consciousness. Because of their life history, their past conditioning, and upbringing, that is their degree of awareness. That is how they are, and they probably behave like that with everyone… not just you.

It is not about you. They haven’t deliberately singled you out with the malevolent intention to cause you harm. It is sad that that is how they are, but it’s not something that they do only with you.

The way they treat you is a reflection of who they are as a person. It is not a reflection of who you are.

The fact that you are affected by it is mostly due to the insecurities of your ego, developed through the conditioning of your upbringing, and belief patterns inherited from your parents. It is the ego’s attempts to stay alive, and grow stronger by playing on your insecurities.

When your are able to centre yourself in the awareness of presence you realise that you don’t have to take things personally. The world is full of so many hurtful people. You will only be hurt by them if you allow yourself to be. A simple change of perspective and raising your consciousness can lift you above the hurtful energies of others.

These challenges are placed in your path not to hurt you, but to make you more conscious. Each time you are treated unfairly you have an opportunity to recognise it is your ego, and to step into the empowering perspective of a more raised awareness.

Not taking things personally truly gives you an amazing sense of freedom.







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