– Discover your unique spiritual path.

  • Research inspiring texts to read.
  • Community – connecting with others to support you.
  • Ways to find your spiritual roots.
  • Learn to prioritise your “alone time”.

– Practice your spirituality.

  • Identify practices tailor-made for your unique spiritual path.
  • Establish a “Sacred Space” in your home – A place where you can connect with your inner peace.
  • Establish your daily routine.
  • Learn about the basic elements of ancient ceremonial practices and how they can be applied for a modern way of life.

– Enhance your spirituality.

  • Step up the intensity of your spiritual practice in everyday life.
  • Apply your spirituality in the home.
  • Use your work environment as a means to engage with your spirituality.
  • Apply your spirituality for improving the quality of your relationships.
  • Learn the practice of mindfulness.
  • Learn some of the methods used by monks for cultivating an unbroken connection with their spirituality.
  • Learn how mantra, prayer, and affirmations can enhance your spirituality.


– A personalised power-tool which incorporates your spirituality into a psychology framework.

– Learn about the triad of physiology, mental focus, and self-talk.

– And how you can use this triad to change your mood and activate your inner strength.

– Learn about how a powerful role model can inspire and motivate you to go beyond your old limits.

– Practice living in the present moment.


– Clarify your values.

– Identify your top 5 values using the Values Tool.

– Find out how much you are or aren’t presently living those values in your life.

– Learn how to use them as a compass for making the best choices in life.


– Learn about the universal 6 Human Needs.

– Use the Human Needs Assessment to identify which are your most important needs.

– Learn how your behaviour, decisions, and the situations you find yourself in are connected with your needs.

– Identify how your Needs may be derailing your effort to live in line with your Values.

– Find out which needs you need to focus on to bring more harmony into your life.


– Find out how to harmonise your Needs and your Values so that they don’t conflict.

– Identify practical action steps for fulfilling your needs in a healthy way while respecting your highest values.


– Review your progress

– Consolidate your spiritual practice and the spiritual path that is best for you at this point.

– Fine tune the tools and strategies for your spirituality and your connection with your inner strength

– Accountability for what you are doing to harmonise your needs, your values, and your spiritual connection.