Simple Life, Inspirational Quote, Confucius

Simplify Your Life: Inspirational Quotes #34

Simple Life, Inspirational Quote, Confucius

When I was a monk I had to live by the vow of poverty. Basically that meant I had to live with only the essential things I needed. You could say it was a vow of simplicity.

As a monk I considered myself to be wealthy with the things I had… food, shelter, laughter, and divine love. That is all I needed for a happy and fulfilling life.

Since I’ve been living in the outside world my life has slowly become more complicated, with possessions, technology, and relationships that aren’t always in alignment with my spirit. I’ve realised that it is not easy to maintain a simple way of life. It requires effort and regularly clearing out things or relationships that aren’t good for me. But when I am living a more simple way of life I feel much more inner peace.

Of course life is never simple, but we can live life simply. Even taking some small steps to simplify the way you live can make a huge difference by reducing stress, and improving the quality of your relationships.

Why not try to simplify your lifestyle? If you try to live in a simple way I bet you will be surprised at how uncomplicated and happy your life can become.

If you want to learn more about the whys and hows of a simple lifestyle, I highly recommend this article: 10 Reasons Why a Simple Lifestyle Reduces Stress and Benefits Your Health.







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