Life-Changer Package

In my experience of working with different clients I have found that a minimum of between 8 to 12 weeks of coaching is necessary to really bring the client to a point of permanent and lasting change.  Change can be a difficult and uncomfortable process, and requires that you step outside your comfort zone.  It is human nature to throw up barriers to progress when long-held, and redundant beliefs are challenged.  We often prefer to cling on to the false comfort of the things we are familiar with, even when they no longer serve out best interests.  Turning to face the unknown can be daunting and requires time to allow the brain and heart to process the new perspectives.  But in coaching you are never alone in the process.  Your coach will be there to support you and show you how exciting and fun it can be to let go of your old ways!

Included in the Life-Changer package:  12 sessions.  Each session is by phone/Skype and lasts between 45mins-60mins. Unlimited email support (I will reply within 24hrs).

The schedule for the 12 sessions is flexible depending on your needs.  However, I believe the optimal format is to have one session a week for 8 weeks, followed by a break of one or two weeks, then resume the schedule with one session every other week.  In general after 8 weeks of intensive coaching and working through issues it is beneficial to allow some time to process things before continuing and concluding the coaching.

Month 1  →  1 session per week (4 sessions)

Month 2  →  1 session per week (4 sessions)

Month 3  →  1 session every 2 weeks (2 sessions)

Month 4  →  1 session every 2 weeks (2 sessions)

If you are not yet ready to fully commit to changing your life, or if you have some specific short-term goal then you can go with one of the smaller packages.