Breakthrough Package

8 sessions of focused and constructive self-inquiry.  8 weeks of intensive and accelerated growth.  This course of coaching will not beat about the bush in helping you understand more about who you are and where you are going.  Around 8 weeks of coaching is the minimum to start the process of lasting change.  This course lacks the extra weeks of the Life-Changer Package needed for consolidation and continued growth.  Nevertheless you will most certainly make some powerful breakthroughs and it will help you to see previously unknown perspectives.

Included in the Breakthrough Package:  8 sessions.  Each session is by phone/Skype and lasts between 45mins-60mins.  Unlimited email support (I will reply within 24hrs).

The schedule for the 8 sessions is flexible depending on your needs.  However, I believe the optimal format for this course is to have one session a week for 4 weeks, followed by a one week break, then resuming the sessions every other week.  This allows for some time to process and take in what you are discovering about yourself.

Month 1  →  1 session per week (4 sessions)

Month 2  →  1 session every 2 weeks (2 sessions)

Month 3  →  1 session every 2 weeks (2 sessions)

If you feel that improving the quality of your life is a worthwhile investment and you are ready to do whatever it takes then check out the Life-Changer Package.  If you are not yet ready to fully commit to changing your life, or if you have some specific short-term goal then you can go with one of the smaller packages.