How Does it Work?

I will work with you to help you define your goals and your passions about what you want to achieve or become.  As your partner on this journey I will

  • listen to you
  • reflect back your insights
  • make the connections you can’t see
  • offer you alternative perspectives
  • encourage you to dream big
  • use powerful questions to unlock your potential
  • challenge you to step outside your comfort zone

We will identify what the barriers are preventing you from moving forward.  Together we will set up a step-by-step action plan to overcome those barriers and achieve the things you want in life.  We will arrange regular meetings by phone/Skype, at a time and frequency mutually agreed on.  When appropriate I may also use email to reiterate our agreed action plans.  We will develop long-term strategies which will be broken down into easily manageable weekly or daily steps.  To help I will give you various tools to enable you and empower you to work through any issue you may come up against. Through our regular contact I will check your progress and make sure that you are on target with you objectives, and if those objectives have been initially set too high we will review them so that you can make some real progress in moving forward.

I work primarily using my Tree of Strength Coaching Model, which provides a framework for achieving a sustained growth that can continue indefinitely well after you finish your coaching sessions with me.  Through this you will learn to harmonise your values with your human needs, and at the same time cultivate a permanent connection to your inner strength.

I believe that everyone has deep within themselves an incredible source of power and wisdom which, when accessed, can be utilized to bring about phenomenal changes in one’s life and guide you to becoming who you really want to be.