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  1. Panagiota

    So true Jamie. I JUST figured this out….After a failed marriage and failed long term relationship. What swept me off of my feet both times was the word “soulmate” spewing from their mouths. I longed for someone to love me and I gave my all to keep their “love.” In the end, what am I left with? A bruised and lost soul. Time to turn within.

    1. Wow Panagiota! Sounds like you have quite a story to tell! The wisdom you have gained from those experiences is a precious gift with which you could help other people’s lives I’m sure. Yes, I agree with you, it’s time to turn within… and I mean it’s time for me, you, and everyone to turn within. I am confident that the more I can centre myself in my inner spirit, the more I will attract the right people into my life.

      1. Panagiota

        Absolutely! I realize that we attract who we are. Because I was empty onside and seeking external validation and any “love” I could get I got exactly that… an empty person looking for the same thing from me… not a good combination.

        I look back to 5 years ago and don’t even recognize the person I was. So many people say “I want my life back.” I don’t. I want to build a new life…One that is more fulfilling, full of unconditional love from withing, and peaceful.

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