Inspiration - Making the right decision

How to Make the Right Decision – Inspirational Quotes #26

Inspiration - Making the right decision


How do you know you have made the right decision?


I have often found myself in situations where it was difficult to know what the right decision was. I have made many “mistakes” with some decisions, although I am learning that we never really make mistakes. We always learn something important from those choices, and grow into a better person as a result.

But I am also learning that life can definitely be much more harmonious when we are able to make better decisions. We can avoid unnecessary friction and conflict when we make better choices. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… this is something that everyone experiences.


So what is a “better” decision?


In my view it is when you choose the path which is most in line with your heart. It is when you do or say something that is aligned with your higher values, and is in harmony with your spiritual self.

Sometimes it is hard to make that kind of choice… it can mean that you have to say “no” to someone, or that you have to let go of some old habit, or say goodbye to someone in your life. But when that choice is in harmony with your soul you will, in the long run, create a more peaceful life for yourself. You may have to go through some temporary discomfort or pain, but the result will be much healthier for all involved.


So how do you make that kind of right decision?


Well, it’s actually surprisingly easy once you realise… just listen to how you feel in your heart. And I don’t mean heart in the sense of emotions. I mean listen to what your soul is saying to you. Listen to how you feel deep at the core of your being. Aside from the temporary discomfort you may have, deep down inside, are you at peace with this decision?


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