Gratitude, Inspirational Quotes

Gratitude Brings Wealth and Happiness – Inspirational Quotes #28

Gratitude, Inspirational Quotes

Through Gratitude You See Miracles

It’s easy to get into that mindset of not being happy with one’s financial situation. It’s happened to me often enough… sometimes I’ve felt unable to to do the things I want because of economic limitations. It can be depressing when you feel that you don’t have that financial freedom. And that can suck away your happiness. I’m sure you’ve probably experienced something similar, so you know what I’m talking about, right?

Well this morning I got up and saw this quote. I have to say it really made me stop and think. Even if we have no money there are things in our life which are priceless. Too easily we take for granted the simple things we have. The most basic and fundamental things are really miracles in our life… our health, our family, our friends, a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in.


Gratitude is Wealth

With these simple things you can feel as happy and as rich as a millionaire. Perhaps even happier than the millionaire, who most likely is worrying about how to invest and use so much money!

When we realise how precious the simple things in life are then we have all the abundance we need for our happiness. This realisation is essentially what Gratitude means. Gratitude is understanding and appreciating how valuable something is. It is Gratitude that can make you rich.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I am particularly grateful for having eyes. With my eyes I can enjoy the beauty and colour of this world. I can see the amazing things around me. I can look into the face of those I love. I have the opportunity to witness everyday the small miracles in my life.

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