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All too often we get stuck in the same old routine of every-day life and slowly give up hope of ever achieving the dreams we once had.  It’s all too easy to keep putting off our aspirations, believing that first we need to have more stability, or more financial security, or wait until the kids are older.  The mind will always find an excuse to avoid embarking on some wild, ambitious project.  Many of us sub-consciously prefer the comfort of the familiar routine of our life, even when it may be constricting our growth and psychological well-being.  However, we don’t have to wait for some point in the future that will most likely never come; we don’t have to wait around for some miraculous event to happen to us.  We can transform our life today, right now, here in this moment.  All we need is a bit of a push and some intelligent planning.  As the old saying goes: “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.  With a little support and encouragement we can take the steps we need to achieve our dreams.  Once you start on the journey you will find yourself energised and full of life.  When you know you are on your path your life will be transformed and you will feel fulfilled even before you reach your goal.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, or even if you just feel curious about the possibility of truly living the life you want, then have go with the Design Your Life tool.  It is a simple and structured program to get you into action and moving towards fulfilling your dreams.  You can do it by yourself, although I would recommend teaming up with a friend, or even better with a life coach.  That way you will have someone to motivate you in moments when you feel like giving up and returning to your old habits.

If you enjoy this tool feel free to share it if you think it could help someone else, and then come back here for more resources which I put up on the website from time to time.

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