Anger, How to express anger

Anger: Express it? Or Explain it? – Inspirational Quotes #27

Anger, How to express anger


Anger is a normal part of being human.

Even for someone who is striving to be more spiritual, anger is something that should be accepted and embraced if you want to be a fully integrated and balanced person.

Accepting anger, and allowing yourself to feel it can be a healthy part of your personal growth if you can learn to manage it in a non-destructive way. If you try to ignore it or pretend that it’s not important, you will repress the energy of that anger. When that energy is repressed it becomes blocked and bottled up. This, in turn can lead to a lot of frustration, resentment, inner stress, and friction in your relationships.

So for a healthy and balanced life, you need to do something with that anger, and the energy that’s associated with it. It is common to hear or read that anger should be expressed to avoid getting bottled up. However, this idea can be misleading. Simply expressing your anger can risk destructive words and actions. For sure you may feel better if you let your anger vent… but you may cause harm to others, or to your relationships.

The alternative? Explain your anger, instead of simply expressing it.

Explaining is a mature, adult-way of communicating your feelings. Without letting the emotion of the anger ruin things you can still express it in a way which is non-destructive. In this way you don’t need to repress it, and you don’t need to say or do things which you will later regret. You are valuing yourself and the other person involved.






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