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Jamie McConochieI’m a Certified Professional Coach specialising in Spiritual Coaching.

During my student years I spent some months travelling around India in search of answers to life’s big questions. After completing my university degree in psychology I then became a hindu monk and lived in a multi-faith monastery for 11 years.

Throughout the course of those years I studied, and put into practice, various different spiritual traditions, and learned how to live in communion with the Divine.

Eventually I realised that I still had unfulfilled dreams in the outside world so I left with the monastery’s blessing to begin the next phase of my life.

From my experiences in the monastery and with my background in psychology I knew I wanted to do something that involved helping people to lead fulfilling lives. Part of my role in the monastery had been to help people overcome their inner fears and boundaries to realise their true potential. I wanted to find some way of continuing that within the context of everyday life in this outside world. I wanted to be able to help normal people discover and tap into their inner power to become exceptional individuals.

To fulfill this desire I enrolled with the International Coaching Academy, where I completed the Certified Professional Coach Program.

I now use my studies in psychology and life coaching, combined with my monastic insights, to coach others in discovering and enhancing their spiritual life. I utilise what I have learned from the monastery and apply it in a practical way to the reality of everyday life.

My QualificationsICA-logo

BSc (hons) Psychology degree from University of Westminster London

CPC from International Coach Accademy.

The CPC (Certified Professional Coach) program consists of

126 hrs of rigorous training with experienced coaches
60 hrs of practice as a coach
24 hrs of practice as a client
Specialised coaching skills
Development of tools to help clients

The syllabus follows the requirements for accreditation with the International Coach Federation, which is the globally recognized body for the coaching profession.

I adhere to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics.

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The starting point of my spirituality is that every individual person has their own unique spiritual path. You are the one who has to discover what is your own personal brand of spirituality, and then live it. No-one else can tell you what your spiritual path should be.

Following on from this I value and respect whatever is your personal approach to spirituality. My job as a spiritual coach is to encourage you to go deeper into your own spirituality and to make it a part of your everyday life.

My own beliefs are based on my experience of studying and living different spiritual traditions throughout the course of my life. So far, at this particular moment in my life, the following represents my spiritual path…

Reincarnation and Karma

You are an immortal and eternal spirit. You are an undying life-force. A spark from the Divine. You have come from the formlessness of God and are presently manifesting that Divinity in the world of form. You are evolving over billions of years to return to the formlessness of God. You are the unmanifest made manifest, formlessness taking on form, the Word made Flesh.

Over the aeons you go from one birth to another. Each life you are born, you live, and you die, only to be reborn again in a different body, with different lessons to learn. Through countless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, you are learning and evolving spiritually.

As you go along your journey your actions produce consequences that can cause you or others suffering or pleasure. Your choices can have effects that either lead you towards God or create a barrier to God. These consequences are your karma. You are continuously generating new karma whilst simultaneously dealing with the karma of previous actions. As you learn not to repeat the same mistakes you clear or “pay” your karma. And as you learn to think and act in ways that take you closer to God your karma changes from “heavy” or “negative” to “light” or “positive” karma.

Understanding the connection between your actions and the consequences of those actions allows you take control of your karma. Then your life is no longer dominated by “fate”. Instead you cultivate a stronger sense of free-will and can gradually build the conditions for true freedom.

The law of karma is totally neutral and independent of any concepts of judgement, punishment, or guilt. Just as the laws of physics have no intentions or motives, so too the law of karma functions as a basic component of the nature of the universe.

Karma can be extremely, mind-bogglingly complex, and can carry over from one lifetime to another. As we evolve we retain the lessons learned from previous lives at an unconscious, spiritual level, in spite of having no conscious memory of those lives.

The ultimate purpose of all life is simply to pay karma and realise God consciousness.

God is one but His names are many

There are as many paths to God as there are people in the world.

The complete nature of God is beyond the understanding of the limited human mind. For this reason God expresses himself through countless different forms and concepts. The “Father” of Jesus Christ is the same “Buddha Consciousness” of Buddhism; is the same as “Krishna”, as “Shiva”, as “Allah”, as the “Great Spirit” of native North-American indians, as the “Self” of Ramana Maharshi, as “Mother Kali”.

There are fundamental universal truths common to all religions

At the essence of every religion or spiritual tradition of the world, there are the same basic truths, of love, tolerance, compassion, and recognition of something immortal within the human being.

If you look past all the human interpretations, translations, and distortions of the spiritual scriptures you will find that the main message from the great founders of each religion is essentially the same.

There is more to this world than meets the eye

The world you normally experience with your five senses is but a small fraction of reality. The human eye sees only a very narrow range of color of the electromagnetic spectrum. There is so much more of this physical world around us that we are not aware of. Similarly there are different vibrations of energies and dimensions of consciousness that we are not normally aware of. With a little understanding and practice it is possible to experience those unseen aspects of reality. Through extending the range of the five senses you can experience your “sixth” sense, which is really nothing more than using the mind in conjunction with the five senses.

As science advances, more and more of these unseen dimensions are becoming recognised and accepted by mainstream thought.

Don’t believe. Experience!

You should never accept spiritual or religious teachings on the basis of blind belief. Only incorporate into your spirituality those things that you yourself have experienced. If you have experienced it you know beyond doubt that it’s real. If you believe something just because an authority tells you, then you cannot be sure it’s true.

Approach spirituality like a scientist. Do your own experiments to verify the accounts of others. Research and test for yourself the ideas and philosophies that appeal to you. Accept the things which pass your tests, and put aside those things which don’t sit right with you. As you grow you may decide to revisit previously rejected ideas.

Ground yourself in being human

Spending all your time meditating with your head in the clouds, while you neglect your responsibilities is not spirituality.

True spirituality is practical, and is about benefiting others around you. True spirituality includes being human, and experiencing the urges, feelings, and thoughts that are part of being human.

Live in alignment with your true self

A spiritual life should be based on sound psychological foundations. Understanding your own psychology is just as important as experiencing higher states of spiritual consciousness. When you are clear about your values and your needs, you will be able to create a life which is in harmony with your spirituality. Listen to your intuition and it will guide towards being more in alignment with your spiritual Self.

So what does all this look like when it’s in action?

I endeavour to push myself in my commitment to serve those around me, whether that be in my work or in my personal life. I always try to think of the needs of others, but try never to neglect myself. I am continuously trying to create spiritual variety in my life by doing different practical exercises throughout the day to remind me of my spiritual connection (see my free video training for details of how to do this).

I live in the awareness that I am an eternal spark of the divine. In reality nothing can touch me and nothing can harm me. This makes me fearless to try ambitious projects with my life, without knowing if I will succeed or fail.

I have to make a continuous effort to stay on the spiritual path. I am not a saint, and I frequently lose the way when life’s ups and downs overwhelm me.

I make sure I have intimate contact with God at least once everyday. In this way I am (mostly) able to stay on course with my soul purpose for this particular incarnation. When I feel myself going off the path, I check in with my values and my needs, and make a point of re-connecting with God within myself.