6 Steps to Inner Peace

6 Steps to Inner Peace


6 Steps to Inner Peace is a 6-week personal coaching program for self-growth, practical spirituality, and inner peace.[/column-half-1]



  • Private one-to-one coaching each week.
  • Additional group coaching each week.
  • Videos.
  • Audios.
  • Downloadable PDFs with daily action steps.
  • Daily emails for inspiration and motivation.



Participants Needed for Alpha Testing Phase



This program is in early stages of alpha testing. A small group of participants is needed for a test-run. If you are selected you will be given full access to all the features completely free of charge. The total value of the coaching and materials comes to US$ 1200. Needless to say by participating for free you will be getting unbelievable value. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.



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Spiritual Coaching

Coaching is a process of intense self-exploration, discovery, motivation, and action. It is not psychotherapy, counselling, or mentoring. It is a client-centered approach which recognises that you, the client, have within you all the resources, wisdom, and inner strength to overcome your challenges and achieve your full potential.

In spiritual coaching, the coach uses his experience and intuition to guide you in discovering your own inner connection. Through powerful questions the spiritual coach helps you to understand your true spiritual Self. Your coach acts as a guide, a mirror, and a partner to help you along the path. When you are lacking inspiration he is there to offer new perspectives. When you are lacking motivation he is there to push you. When you need a non-judgemental ear he is there to listen to you. When you need accountability he is there to keep you on track. When you are passing through the darkness he is there with a light. When you are celebrating in the joy of your own inner strength and guiding wisdom, that is when he steps back. Your journey isn’t finished, but now you have your own inner coach, and the external coach is no longer needed. But he will always be with you, because ultimately we are all part of the same universal consciousness.



– Discover your unique spiritual path.

– Practice your spirituality.

– Enhance your spiritual practice.


– A personalised power-tool which incorporates your spirituality into a psychology framework.

– Learn about the triad of physiology, mental focus, and self-talk.

– And how you can use this triad to change your mood and activate your inner strength.

– Learn about how a powerful role model can inspire and motivate you to go beyond your old limits.

– Discover the power of living in the present moment.


– Clarify your values.

– Identify your top 5 values using the Values Tool.

– Find out how much you are or aren’t presently living those values in your life.

– Learn how to use them as a compass for making the best choices in life.


– Learn about the universal 6 Human Needs.

– Use the Human Needs Assessment to identify which are your most important needs.

– Identify how your needs may be derailing your efforts to live in line with your Values.

– Find out which needs to focus on to bring more harmony into your life.


– Find out how to harmonise your Needs and your Values so that they don’t conflict.

– Identify practical action steps for fulfilling your needs in a healthy way while respecting your highest values.


– Review your progress.

– Consolidate your spiritual practice and the spiritual path that is best suited to you at this point in time.

– Accountability for what you are doing to harmonise your needs, your values, and your spiritual connection.


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